We assist you in the acquisition of your next vehicle

You want to purchase a vehicle but have a low credit score? Not to worry, our team at Driving Time Auto can help you find the financing plan that’s right for you!

Do you know we can help you rebuild your credit? Our partners are Equifax reporting members meaning they will report your payments monthly and thus raise your credit score accordingly. As you probably know, this has a direct impact on how lenders see you, therefore your chances of getting a loan will be much greater with a better credit rating.

Furthermore, many individuals are struggling with a high debt problem. We also have solutions for these individuals. We will help you obtain financing despite your financial situation.

The various articles that will be published on our blog will help you understand how the auto industry works in terms of financing and also to inform you about good habits to be taken and avoided in regards to credit and financing.

In addition, we will try to enlighten you as to how to make the right decision regarding a vehicle that suits your needs as well as your budget.

Our goal at Driving Time Auto is to assist you in the acquisition of your next vehicle as well as to educate and inform you regarding financing solutions adapted to your needs.

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